What is APA’s warranty policy?

APA games have a 1 year warranty period from the shipping date.
 OEM/video games have a 3-month warranty period from the shipping date. Please download disclaimer on our warranty policies

  Returns, Repairs

 We can only consider returns if the part is shown to be faulty or if the wrong part is shipped.  We will look at all requests on a case by case basis. Contact us with the full details of your purchase and we will help you from there.  If you have a part that needs to be repaired, contact us first for a serial number. 


Which courier do you use for shipping?

DHL is our preferred courier.  Alternatively, you can ask us to send it by your own preferred courier and if you have an account with them, just provide us with your account number and we will handle the rest.  For bulky and heavy shipments, to save cost on shipping, we advise you contact us for other shipping methods.  If you have any other requirements regarding shipping please let us know when you place your order.

Where can I check my order status and details?

You may contact us at any time by phone or email to obtain the latest order status.  Please include your invoice reference number.


How long will it take to receive my order?

The delivery time of your order will largely depend on availability and the type of item you order. 
Common Parts: Motors, solenoid, buttons, LED lights/lamps, sensors, relay, mallet, balls, etc.
These are normally in stock. Once payment is confirmed, we can ship the order as soon as possible.
Note: If the item is out of stock, please contact your sales representative.
Parts requiring extra work: I/O board, motor control board, amp board, etc. 
Lead-time is approx. 1 week due to the extra soldering work needed. Main board (C8, V8, V9, V12) are normally in stock. Lead time is 1-3 days to program the software for the game you need.
Special Order: Decals and Plexiglas/Plastics will take up to 2 weeks to purchase from supplier if out of stock. For mechanical assemblies which consist of many parts and assembly work, the process could take up to 1 month or more. Please contact us to check for availability first.


What if you are out of stock?

We do our best to keep sufficient stock to meet all requirements but if we are unable to fulfill your order right away we will advise you of any expected delay.  You can then decide whether to wait for your order or order at a later time.


I want to buy a part, how do I order?

Contact us by email with your parts request.  To save time, please include the model number and the picture of the part you need.  For motors and sensors, provide a complete model number (labeled on the part). It is important to provide the voltage of the motor as well to ensure we deliver the right part to you. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, contact us!


                                          What if I do not get a reply from your email?

APA games promise reply all emails in 24 hours and 100% response rate. If you do not get our reply, it may caused by internet error or some delivery failure problem. Then you can contact us by the following ways:

Call us: Our office Tel.: 0086 20-31199936

If in weekends or holiday, please call Jenny Peng(sales manager): 0086 13926124090

Or send message to the following apps:

WeChat: apagames


Viber:0086 13926124090


New Games Warranty Policy

APA games have a 1 year warranty period from the shipping date

OEM/video games have a 3-monthwarranty period from the shipping date.



APA will only provide warranty on electronic parts (E.g. PCB, motors, etc.) Client is responsible to pay all shipping charges which may include customs duties and import charges.

Any defects on new games or parts should be reported immediately to your sales representative upon receipt of the games. 

Any defects on parts received should be reported immediately to your service department.

RMA Returns (Return Authorization):

All parts being returned to APA need to fill an After Sale Form.

Please download the After Sale Form from our web site or contact your sales representative to get a Form..



Repair charges may apply to certain out of warranty parts.

Advance Replacement:

All advance replacement will be charged. APA will invoice for the full price of the part being shipped. Upon return of the faulty part APA will issue back a full credit. Faulty product must be returned to APA within 30 days of receipt of the advance replacement product to avoid being charged. In the event client fails to return the defective product to APA, client will be billed for the purchase of the advance replacement part.